Material Design Colors

Material Design Color Palette for Android, Web and iOS.
For Android, Web, and iOS. Google suggests using the 500 colors as the primary colors in your app. Download Color Swatches (0.02 MB, zip)
Red 500 #f44336
Pink 500 #e91e63
Purple 500 #9c27b0
Deep Purple 500 #673ab7
Indigo 500 #3f51b5
Blue 500 #2196f3
Light Blue 500 #03a9f4
Cyan 500 #00bcd4
Teal 500 #009688
Green 500 #4caf50
Light Green 500 #8bc34a
Lime 500 #cddc39
Yellow 500 #ffeb3b
Amber 500 #ffc107
Orange 500 #ff9800
Deep Orange 500 #ff5722
Brown 500 #795548
Grey 500 #9e9e9e
Blue Grey 500 #607d8b

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